Juanita Franzi is a specialist technical illustrator with particular expertise in the aviation and aero-historical fields.

She brings a strong understanding of mechanics, years as a technical designer and a delightful aesthetic to her high quality illustrations and diagrams. She can recreate a detailed and complex mechanical apparatus for a technically-sophisticated audience, simplify an operation so it makes sense to a general audience, or inspire aero enthusiasts with an accurate representation of an historical event.

She prepares Technical Illustrations for training, air safety publications, educational textbooks, promotional posters, patent applications, instruction manuals and technical brochures.

Juanita has a high profile within the aero-historical field for meticulously researched, technically accurate and beautifully realised Aviation Illustrations. These artworks are published internationally.

Juanita Franzi is available for commissioned projects, or you can select images from her portfolio in the Aero Image Library.

Contact Juanita for more information, to arrange a quote or discuss your project.