Infographics and technical illustrations offer an effective way of communicating complex concepts to your selected audience.

Juanita Franzi creates accurate technical illustrations for applications as diverse as aviation safety promotion, training material, tender documents, patent applications, product catalogues, technical brochures, directional maps and instruction manuals.
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Illustration Styles

Narrative illustrations explain the interaction of events or dynamics. Flightpath diagrams, for example, are used effectively by Juanita to explaining the sequence of events leading to an accident. These are popular for illustrating articles in both safety publications and historical magazines.
Cutaways, ghosting and exploded views are valuable techniques used to reveal hidden detail and technical features – an effective style for product brochures, catalogues and instruction manuals.
Charts, graphs and diagrams: Using illustrations and an imaginative approach can create dynamic visuals that capture attention more effectively than traditional charts and graphs. Juanita uses this method to create drawings to explain statistical and comparative information such as the evolution of engine efficiency, accident occurrence during various phases of flight, and comparative aircraft noise footprints.