C-130H, Operation Bastille/Falconer Anniversary

10th Anniversary of 36 Squadron’s first C-130H Middle East deployment

Its 10 years since the first deployment of 36 Squadron RAAF C-130Hs to the Middle East Area of Operations (MEAO) under Operation Bastille and the following military operations in Iraq under Operation Falconer. To mark this occasion I have, in consultation with ex-members of 36 Squadron, prepared a set of prints depicting the aircraft involved in this first deployment.

The three C-130s have been individually illustrated undertaking mission profiles as described in the caption on each print.

A97-009: Depicted undertaking an aerial delivery mission, 11 April 2003. This was the first RAAF combat airdrop since the Vietnam War.

A97-010: Although not originally allocated to the first detachment, it was retained in theatre and used for day missions in support of Australian Special Forces. The temporary battle damage repair patch, resulting from an earlier unloading incident during an Afghan mission, was still apparent at the time of this depiction, 24 April 2003.

A97-012: Depicted during the workup period, 14 March 2003, unloading an operational vehicle. This aircraft flew the night mission to supply Tallil Air Base, 30 March 2003.

I am very grateful for the assistance I received from ex 36 Squadron members, who help ensure I depicted these aircraft accurately.

Print technical specs:
A3 size lithographic print, high quality 340gsm art paper stock.

Available through Defence Gifts (defencegifts.com.au), and the base post office RAAF Richmond

Print Set