NEW: C-130H Lithographic Prints

End of an Era: Lockheed C-130H Hercules in RAAF service, 1978 – 2012

To mark the retirement of the RAAF C-130H Hercules I have produced a set of four lithographic prints.
Both 36 and 37 Squadron aircraft are included and the aircraft are shown in the four schemes worn during their operational careers.
The badges of those squadrons involved in the operation and support of the C-130H are featured on each print: 36 Squadron, 37 Squadron, 285 Squadron (training) and 486 Squadron (maintenance)

The prints are available through the Australian Aviation Shop (
You can also get them from Defence Gifts, the post office at RAAF Richmond (

The prints are A3 size and have been printed on high quality 300 gsm art stock.

C-130H Prints

Featured on the prints are the following aircraft:

A97-001, No. 36 Squadron, RAAF Richmond, early 1980s
Aircraft is finished in the early camouflage scheme with light grey undersides.

A97-009, No. 36 Squadron, RAAF Richmond, 2005
‘Just Another Cowboy’ was applied to A97-009 during its 2005 deployment in the Middle East. This aircraft was one of four Hercules finished in the single-colour Ti-Tree scheme during the early 2000s.

A97-007, No. 37 Squadron, RAAF Richmond, 2007
A tradition of applying nose art developed during the Middle East operations and the artwork, ‘Licence to Deliver’, was applied to A97-007 while on operations in Iraq. The wrap-around camouflage scheme was applied to the fleet from 1986 onwards.

A97-005, No. 37 Squadron, RAAF Richmond, 2012
The ‘End of Era’ tail art was applied to A97-005 in late November 2012 to mark the retirement of the type from RAAF service. The two-tone grey scheme was applied to some of the C-130Hs during their last years of service.