Aviation Illustrations

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Juanita Franzi has specialised experience and skill in the aviation and aero-historical fields.


Those within the commercial aviation sector, such as Boeing and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australian Government), commission Juanita to provide technical diagrams for textbooks, safety promotion and PR/marketing material.

They value her familiarity with the aeronautical concepts, her ability to understand highly technical information, and to ‘design’ illustrations to make that information accessible and interesting for their intended audience.


In the aero-historical field Juanita is renowned for her profile drawing and cutaways. She has collaborated with many respected researchers and authors. Her work is published internationally in specialist magazines and historical books.

Juanita Franzi is available for commissioned projects, and she has a large selection of images available from her portfolio in the Aero Image Library.

More examples of Juanita’s artwork can be viewed on Facebook .